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Posted in DWEH, Kitchen Tips, Trending, Winter on November 2017

Posted in DWEH, Kitchen Tips, Trending, Winter

Mac & cheese, crackers, potato chips, cookies…If all you see in your refrigerator and pantry are boxed and canned foods, it might be time for a refrigerator and pantry makeover.

Lifestyle and entertaining expert Mindy Kobrin calls her food philosophy Don’t Worry, Eat Happy – and it all starts with making the most trafficked room in your home colorful, organized and bountiful. She teaches students and families across America how to shop smart, cook with joyful ease and celebrate food seasonally.

Her top refrigerator and pantry makeover tips:

  • As a family, create a colorful seasonal produce chart to hang in the pantry or on the fridge. It’s a great reminder How to Stock your Fridgeof what’s super delish at any given time of the year.
  • Make sure your refrigerator has plenty of color. With the seasonal produce chart, you’ll know when it’s best to buy apples, Brussels sprouts, blueberries and peas. Also, keep this tip in mind: your refrigerator should resemble the perimeter of the supermarket, which is usually where all the fresh foods—fish, meat, fruits, vegetables—are located. *Recipes below for a Mood-Boosting Tropical Smoothie, Family Style Tuscan Chicken, Superfood Salad, Sassy & Spicy Fruit Salad and Homemade Granola.
  • Less boxes more bulk. Forget the instant oatmeal, breakfast bars, crackers and chips and go for things you can buy or make in bulk like nuts, popcorn kernels, homemade granola, turkey jerky, dried apricots, chocolate chips and quinoa.
  • Keep reusable produce bags or stainless steel containers within your pantry for easy grab and go options for the kids. To make sure you’re not going overboard with the nuts and dried fruits, keep some measuring scoops to rest assured you’re staying within a healthy calorie limit.
  • Keep bulk products in glass containers so that everyone can see what’s available to nosh on. Remember, we often eat with our eyes. Affix color-coded labels to easily identify proteins, carbohydrates and low sugar snacks.
  • Reconsider the oils you use to cook. Swap out vegetable oil and shortening and consider healthier options like safflower, coconut, grape seed, avocado oil and Extra Virgin olive oil.
  • Know what canned and boxed foods are ok. Canned beans, whole wheat pasta, tuna fish – are all perfect pantry staples for easy lunch and dinner options.
  • Thaw and eat in more ways than one. Frozen berries and edamame are true lifesavers! Grab a bunch of berries for a quick breakfast smoothie or thaw some edamame for a healthy afternoon snack.
  • Consider growing your own greens. While this delectable bowl might sit outside of your pantry near a bright sunny window, growing your own leafy greens is both delicious and fun. You’ll always have a veggie in the house, and it’s so much cheaper than the salad in a bag you buy at your neighborhood grocer. If you’ve got the green thumb, take it a step further; plant your own herbs like rosemary, chives, flat leaf parsley and cilantro. Besides being able to season your food, herbs also offer a variety of health benefits.
  • Save $$. Stock up on frozen fruits and organic veggies whenever you can. They are nutrient-rich and will keep your family fed well on a budget. Always keep frozen spinach on hand. It’s great to add in smoothies!
  • Know your meats. Keep lean meats on hand like ground turkey, a great substitute for family-friendly meals like chili, tacos, burgers and Bolognese sauce.
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