Mindy Kobrin

Posted in DWEH on July 2016

Posted in DWEH

Press from Head of Students at Park Maitland Elementary School:

Dear Central Florida Community:

What a wonderful Earth Day 2016 celebration we had across Central Florida as Mindy Kobrin of Meals on Heels’ Don’t Worry Eat Happy program joined Park Maitland School and The Mayflower to focus on the wonders of our Earth and how we can all be better Earth citizens.Ms. Kobrin shared valuable lessons on the Farm to Table movement and the importance of eating produce grown locally with PMS 5th grade students and Going Green Ambassadors.  In addition, she spearheaded a wonderful Earth Day “Tree of Life” art project with teacher Leah Unell.  5th grade artists were awarded the Tree of Life art awards and were celebrated by enjoying healthy homemade smoothies by Ms. Kobrin!


After school, Art winners, Green Club Ambassadors and Mindy Kobrin-with baby Jack Kobrin (along with parents and our Honored Elder friends) joined us at the Mayflower Retirement Community to dedicate and plant a beautiful Cypress Tree in their pond gardens!  What a sweet experience as these multiple generations gathered to celebrate “the tree of life.”

Cindy Moon

Head of School
Park Maitland School
Maitland, FL