Mindy Kobrin

EAT THE RAINBOW: ABC Supermarket Lessons to Share with Your Kids
Posted in DWEH on June 2016

Posted in DWEH

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Consumer Reports says that the average shopper visits a supermarket 88 times a year and spends some $6,000.  Given the amount of time we spend in the market, stop rushing through the aisles and consider your time there as a great teaching opportunity for your kids.

The little ones can learn through food that colors and shapes are nutritional gifts. Older kids can learn to read food labels and understand the environmental and economic lessons of seasonal eating.

  • The ABCs. Your toddler may very well know that C is for Cookie, but use each aisle to teach the alphabet. From apples, bananas and grapes to milk, oranges, pasta and yogurt, you can easily go through the entire alphabet before you reach the check-out line.  As your child helps you unpack the groceries, practice the ABC’s as you put away each item inside your rainbow refrigerator.
  • Eat the Rainbow. I love looking at produce and I can guarantee that your kids will too once they learn about eating the rainbow! What better way to teach about color than using beautiful, nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables. Eating a rainbow of foods that are natural, will give your kids the nutrients they need, and early lessons will help them make healthy food choices later in life.  Once you’ve brought home those lovely green, orange, red, blue/purple and yellow/white fruits and veggies, be creative in the kitchen with tasty recipes and make a wall chart at home showcasing how much color is in your child’s daily diet.
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